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"4Sync is a good alternative"

I simply HAVE TO write a review for this service.

First of all I would like to say that I hate flesh-cards. I always leave them somewhere and than can't find. I'm thankful for those kind people who invented cloud storages)) They make my life more organized.

Now about 4Sync. I've tried lots of cloud storages and even used 5 of them simultaneously. Why? Because they provide 1 or 2 GB fo free and this wasn't enough. And don't want to order Premium account. I started to forget in wich storage app I left this or that file.

And then I found 4Sync. It doesn't differ that much from other services, BUT!! It offers 15 GB of FREE space and this is what I was looking for.

I advice you to use 4Sync if you are as greedy as I am))

  • 1. Free
  • 2. 15GB of free storage space
  • 3. Easy to use
  • 4. Nice looking
  • 5. No useless functions
  • 1. No Premium

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16 Jan 2012

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